A Heaven of Sand and Stones

Build me a heaven of sand and stones
A castle out of sprays of sand
Where I may rest at the close of the day
For refuge from a whole day’s run

Build me a heaven ‘neath the azure sky
A little house far from the road
Where I can see the swallows as they fly
And the sampaguita leaves as they fall

Build me a heaven of little rocks
A residence that’s stable and sturdy
Where the catastrophes of life
Could never topple down facilely

Build me a heaven of muck and soil
A hermitage away from civilization
There will be drawbridge and a moat
And walls from clashing religion

Build me a heaven of sand and stones
Not of bricks, of blocks and other stuff
For I do not wish to live on a throne
A home of sand and stones of love is enough


– Rachelle Arlin Credo